I haven’t jumped off the edge of the Grand Canyon, or even been to the South Pole, but I have been fortunate enough to film extensively around the rest of the world, allowing me to dip myself into many different cultures and rare experiences.

I am an experienced Director of Photography based out of Toronto, Canada, and have filmed on many different formats in a wide variety of shooting styles.

Starting in the film and television industry from the ground up, I was able to watch and learn from other established and highly regarded cinematographers. Many years, hard work, and lots of dedicated hours, lead myself and two other colleagues to start up Generator, a production company producing everything from commercials to long format based programming. My time there proved to be invaluable, as I was deeply involved with many projects from the beginning to end.

Eventually the freelance world called out, and it is still happily, where I find myself today. Having established the style and feel for projects such as lifestyle, reality based programming, and feature length documentary’s, has been enormously satisfying. I have been a part of many Gemini nominated and award winning projects, including an award winning feature length documentary for Discovery worldwide. Whether it be hanging out of a helicopter, trekking through arctic terrain under severe conditions, chasing tornados, or filming underwater, I have experienced a world very few get a chance to, and feel very lucky to have such a gratifying career.